Joint Review – INTO THE DEEP by Samantha Young


Live young. Live hard. Love deep.

Charley Redford was just an ordinary girl until Jake Caplin moved to her small town in Indiana and convinced her she was extraordinary. Almost from day one Jake pulled Charley into the deep and promised he was right there with her. But when a tragic incident darkened Jake’s life he waded out into the shallows and left Charley behind.

Almost four years later Charley thinks she’s moved on. That is until she takes a study year abroad in Edinburgh and bumps into none other than Jake Caplin at a party with his new girlfriend. The bad-boy-turned-good attempts to convince Charley to forgive him, and as her best friend starts spending time with Jake’s, Charley calls a truce, only to find herself tumbling back into a friendship with him.

As they grow closer, the spark between them flares and begins playing havoc with their lives and relationships. When jealousy and longing rear their destructive heads, Charley and Jake struggle to come to grips with what they mean to one another.

And even if they work it out, there is no guarantee Charley will ever trust Jake to lead her back into the deep…



MICHELLE: I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am that you, my virtual bestie, has finally read a Samantha Young book. Your life has forever changed.

PEPPER: It is unreal what this book did to me. I read it in one sitting – which is not on my radar ever – and I cannot stop thinking about it since I read it. Which was like a week ago!! God. I loved it. So so much.
This is how I felt after I read it:

MICHELLE: Yes. That totally sums it up.

Samantha Young was already one of my all time favorite authors. And I knew I would love this but I just had no idea it would be as amazing as it was. 3 hours. I opened my email at 9 am, saw it, and read the whole thing in 3 hours.

I feel like with a book this good- I don’t even know where to start….

PEPPER: Gah! I know. Ok. Let’s discuss Charley…

MICHELLE: Amazing. Samantha knows how to write female characters you will love. I found nothing about Charley that I didn’t love. And I VERY rarely say that.

PEPPER: She was amazing. Perfect.

MICHELLE: She loved everyone in her life with her whole heart, she dealt with heartache and grew up and moved on and when faced with her past she was a total adult. I know this was a dip into the world of YA for Samantha Young but these were the most mature college students in the world.

PEPPER: Well, it kind of makes sense, because I think students that make an effort to study abroad are generally more settled and well adjusted than other kids. And p.s. I was so jealous the whole time because I wish I could have done something that amazing. I loved it.

MICHELLE: I know. It was just so great.
This is how I feel about Charley (and Samantha):

PEPPER: Yes and:

So the boys – and the band. Let’s discuss.

MICHELLE: I loved them. All of them. In fact- there were times when I just hated Jake. I hated what he put Charley through. What he continued to do to her and even to Melissa. I feel like at one point I found myself rooting for Lowe- or just anyone that wasn’t Jake.

I just wanted Charley to be happy and for Jake to stop fucking around with her emotions.

PEPPER: God, I know. I wanted to crotch punt Jake at some points – for both girls. He was trying to be a nice guy but at the same time he just messed with both girls’ heads.

I LOVED Lowe. So much. He was a total bad ass and it was so great how he took care of Charley even when he knew it was purely platonic.

MICHELLE: I do hope we get his story one day. He was just awesome. He was appropriate and also the way he stood up to Jake for Charley was amazing.

PEPPER: I actually NEED a book for all of the band members. And of course Beck and  Claudia. I am DYING for more of that story.

MICHELLE: OMG I loved Beck and Claudia. I need to know more about them. Like not want- need.


MICHELLE: We’ve talked abut Charley and Jake separately- and we have to talk about them in the present day but we MUST discuss their past.

PEPPER: I absolutely loved Charley and Jake’s back story. Their first meeting was beyond perfect. God I loved it so much and I can’t stop thinking about it. Like I was holding my mouth and my chest and batting my eyeballs when they met. It was embarrassing. I was like:

MICHELLE: I agree. I loved how they met and I loved their relationship. I think my heart actually broke when you find out how they ended.
It was beautiful when it started but then when it ended… I was a mess. It felt like Jake broke my heart. I was in ugly cry:

You know why Samantha Young is one of the best authors ever? In most books- I want to know about the back story right away. Like I get impatient
but in this book- I was so wrapped up in the story I was patiently waiting because I knew it would be worth the wait.

PEPPER: And the whole time I was trying to decide what the issue was. But NOTHING had me prepared for what happened. NOTHING. She is a damn genius. Like it wasn’t just a regular “I’ve been hurt” thing. It was HUGE. And destructive. And heartbreaking.

MICHELLE: She’s amazing.

Ok I have to talk about when Jake and Charley meet back up. After we know what really went down. I seriously didn’t know how to feel. I knew she loved Jake but I was so mad at him after finding out what happened. And then when everything goes to shit at the cabin- and just everything leading up to it. It’s like- why push her away in the first place if you obviously can’t let her go??? And even after he explains why- I just can’t.

PEPPER: I know, I wanted to kick his ass so many times. One of my favorite parts was at the cabin when Lowe jumps his shit. What he said to Jake was perfect:

…But since you dumped Charley years ago and flaunted a new relationship in front of her for months, I’d like to know what business it is of yours who Charley fucks and why just the thought of some lucky guy going there stirs you into a blind rage? Sort your fucking head out, man, before you lose friends and worse…hurt someone who definitely does not deserve to be hurt by you again.

after that, I was like:

MICHELLE: What I love is that it’s realistic. No woman would really just jump back in his arms. They had to fight through the pain. And he knew he was being a dick but he loved her and seeing that made me forgive him just like Charley was starting to do.

This one quote explained so much to me and I think it made me understand Jake a little more:

When I threw you away, somewhere deep down I think I believed it would be OK because we were us. We were solid.But reality set in after the fact. After what I did? There was no way I could win you back.

A part of me thinks he knew it was over but he just couldn’t stay away.

PEPPER: It was one of the most realistic books I have read. Esp for NA/YA. I mean Jake just couldn’t help himself. And I know he didn’t mean to hurt anyone in the process, but you can’ t help who you love. I think he may have wanted to make sure that it was done. And he didn’t expect to still have the feelings, nor did he expect her too.

MICHELLE: And he does admit that he went to Edinburgh in hopes of finding her to apologize.

PEPPER: But we all know he went there just to see. To make sure. And you know, even though he hurt people, I am so fucking glad he did. I mean obviously, he could have apologized another way – without all the trouble of finding her in person. I think he maybe told himself it was to apologize, but he had to see her. I mean he says in his POV that the second he saw her in the library that he was screwed. That he was still in love with her.

And I feel so silly discussing this like they are our friends. That is how real this book was for me.

MICHELLE: Right- he goes there to apologize but with no hope of getting her back. But when you love like they did- it was bound to happen.

Here is another quote and this may have been when I forgave Jake altogether:

Jake: “Yeah, I thought I loved her, but that’s because for a while I let myself forget.”
Charley: “Forget what?
Jake: “What it’s like to love you.”

PEPPER: Oh balls. God that quote. I can’t take how much i loved this book.


PEPPER: YES! It feels unnatural how much I have been thinking about this book.

MICHELLE: I know. Same here. But that is the power of a Samantha Young book. I’ve read On Dublin Street three times and I am pretty sure I will read this book at least that many times. Just going over these quotes again makes me want to start reading it again.

PEPPER: I know I want to get it out right now. Just talking about it. God, when is the next one?

MICHELLE: 2014!!!!! I cannot wait. Like seriously. Can we go camp out on Samantha’s doorstep for the rest of 2013?

PEPPER: Well this is how I feel:

MICHELLE: Lol. I know. The book isn’t even out and I’m already depressed that I have to wait for the next one. And I should say- its not a cliffhanger BUT you know there is more to their story.

PEPPER: Ok, well that is where I disagree.
I was reading it in the middle of all my family and they all jumped when I slammed my kindle shut and said: “God dammit” because it just ended. I mean we know the gist but…
They didn’t even have the “conversation”
I have to wait until 2014 for the DTR???
I was like:

MICHELLE: LOL OK you have to explain DTR to our readers- cause that’s a Utah thing…

PEPPER: Oh sorry, right, “define the relationship”. We have to wait like 6 months for it. GAH!!!

MICHELLE: But again- for me this speaks to Samantha’s talent because in real life, after all they have been through, this story would not wrap up in a perfect little bow.

PEPPER: No, I know. I mean I am happy for another book. For sure. I am not the type of person not to read a book because of a small cliffhanger. I like them. That’s what makes things so much better for me. I know it is good when I am dying for more!!

MICHELLE: I agree. But I also think that it isn’t a cliffhanger in the traditional sense. The story ends in a way where you are content but you need more just because it’s SO DAMN GOOD.

Ok people- here’s what we have to tell you about this book. If there is one book you have to get- it should be this one. So go out and get it. Please. Do it for yourself. For us. You won’t regret it.


 AUTHOR INFO: Samantha Young is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from Stirlingshire, Scotland. She’s been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Author and Best Romance for her international bestseller ON DUBLIN STREET.



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