Weekly Gandy

Man Michelle – we sucked hard this week with our DJG via FB posts… Although I know it was your birthweek – so we can let it slide. Here is to a more DJG filled week coming up!!


1176221_209238095909948_439935584_nPEPPER: i automatically thought “tony” when i saw this…

PEPPER: and then prof emerson here…
1278047_381612821961952_1864437133_oMICHELLE: good God almighty i love him



MICHELLE: how amazing is this picture. I want him to caress my face like that.
1175691_210665832433841_278420896_nPEPPER: i can’t with how much i love this picture. and on your birthday no less!!! eff me.

PEPPER: i feel super guilty that i haven’t been inundating your FB wall with pics of your man all day on your dirty thirty!! LOVE YOU.
1173792_382458641877370_1917341625_nMICHELLE: so hot.

PEPPER: and this is like me and DJGs send off into the best decade of your life. this is like – eff you 20s. bite me!!
1278130_209548109212280_1604700048_oMICHELLE: Bite him? Yes please
DAWN (best friend of the program): No kiss it make it better! No bite, that’s why he’s holding it.


Weekly Gandy

GAH!! We (meaning me, PEPPER) have not posted in like a month our lovely WEEKLY GANDY. So sorry lovelies!! Here are some amazeballs pics of our man from last week. Enjoy!

AUGUST 13, 2013

PEPPER: holy shit! he does selfies?!?!

MICHELLE: why is this sexy????


AUGUST 15, 2013

PEPPER: there is just so much going on with this, i don’t even know where to start…

MICHELLE: Who has arms that look like that at rest???


AUGUST 16, 2013

MICHELLE: How do they expect me to read words with that picture next to the article?
Read the article HERE


AUGUST 18, 2013

PEPPER: oh little baby jesus loves us today…

MICHELLE: I know. But I’m so hurt. All those pics with his…. Other woman… It hurts.


Weekly Gandy

JULY 8, 2013

PEPPER: Like, i don’t even know where to start with this…


MICHELLE: Eff me. How does he make something so feminine look so manly???


JULY 9, 2013

MICHELLE: look who came shopping with me.

PEPPER: what happened to the other customers when you started convulsing in mini-o’s???
MICHELLE: They didn’t seem to notice. He has that effect on women


JULY 10, 2013

MICHELLE: there’s more….I’m not sure i can take it. (following the debut of the Bionda Castana film DG was in – watch HERE)

PEPPER: GAH!! except for i can’t understand a damn word he says… but it still sounds amazing.


JULY 11, 2013

MICHELLE: he notices a woman’s eyes and hair first. I have both of those things!! I am so in!!!

Watch David Gandy Play a Womanizer

PEPPER: you do have both those things. and they are both amazing. so you are more than IN girl. YOU. are. it!!!!


JULY 12, 2013

MICHELLE: Pepper, he came to NYC to see me. Best. Boyfriend. Ever

PEPPER: GAH! I love it when he is in the states!!!


JULY 13, 2013




JULY 14, 2013

David Gandy conversed with the Spanish magazine ¡Hola! Fashion… Read the full article HERE.

“A woman does not have to do anything to seduce me, just come and talk to me and make me laugh. That is what’s most important.”