Weekly Gandy

GAH!! We (meaning me, PEPPER) have not posted in like a month our lovely WEEKLY GANDY. So sorry lovelies!! Here are some amazeballs pics of our man from last week. Enjoy!

AUGUST 13, 2013

PEPPER: holy shit! he does selfies?!?!

MICHELLE: why is this sexy????


AUGUST 15, 2013

PEPPER: there is just so much going on with this, i don’t even know where to start…

MICHELLE: Who has arms that look like that at rest???


AUGUST 16, 2013

MICHELLE: How do they expect me to read words with that picture next to the article?
Read the article HERE


AUGUST 18, 2013

PEPPER: oh little baby jesus loves us today…

MICHELLE: I know. But I’m so hurt. All those pics with his…. Other woman… It hurts.



  1. This made my day, I needed my doze of Gandy!!!

  2. Can look at him all day!! ; )

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