Weekly Gandy

JULY 1, 2013

PEPPER: oh michelle. i am sorry i have been cheating. you are truly the only one for me. will you ever forgive me??

MICHELLE: I’m trying David. but how can I really compete with Samantha Barks? You broke my heart DG…


JULY 2, 2013

PEPPER: god that thigh. among other things…


JULY 3, 2013


JULY 4, 2013

…neither of us really had anything to say. because we cannot believe this is happening:


JULY 5, 2013

PEPPER: holy. god.

MICHELLE: He’s so tan and delicious.


JULY 6, 2013

PEPPER: why is this so effing HOT and sexy to me??

MICHELLE: Because its DG.


JULY 7, 2013


PEPPER: i honestly do not know how we are going to survive this entire thing. i’m scared. of possibly dying. from explosion. of parts. in my pants.


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