Weekly Gandy

JUNE 3, 2013

MICHELLE: David Gandy and cute rescue puppies????? I can’t take it…..
PEPPER: i have a dog that needs rescuing. i should send in some pics…


JUNE 4, 2013

MICHELLE: omg i cant stop…i just….motherfucker…
PEPPER: you need to stop. right now. before i am dead



JUNE 5, 2013

PEPPER: oh holy lord. i need a caption. what is he saying??? GO!
MICHELLE: Words escape me. But can you just hear him saying “Michelle, my love, fancy a shag?” See- I’m practicing my Brit speak for our life together.


JUNE 6, 2013

PEPPER: prof emerson????
MICHELLE: I just can’t. This love is real. It hurts.


JUNE 7, 2013

MICHELLE: eff me now
PEPPER: OMG OMG OMG. one of the best EVER!!!


JUNE 8, 2013

PEPPER: seriously? can you imagine pretending not to know him if he did this to you???
MICHELLE: I…I….I just can’t Pep. I can’t with this.


JUNE 9, 2013

MICHELLE: Oh. Me. Gee.
PEPPER: i am obsessed with him in glasses. makes me tingle.


  1. swwwwoooon!

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