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 Lovers! We’re taking a break from romance to give you a little special holiday shopping guide. There are a lot of amazing small businesses owned by people in our romance community and just awesome people in general and we want to highlight some of them!!

So sit back, enjoy and do some shopping!!!



Sweets by Steph


Stephanie Johnson is an amazing lady (a fellow romance lover) and she has this awesome CUSTOM COOKIE BUSINESS.


The cookies are amazing and she makes them into art. These are the cookies she did for Michelle’s nephew’s 1st birthday. How cute are they??

Get more info HERE


Keep Collective

*Valerie Potjeau*

15056485_10105577991582001_9096083116047857634_n 15094894_10105577995299551_3845548492448285109_n

 Val is one of Michelle’s dearest friends and they met through the love of romance novels. She is a KEEP COLLECTIVE consultant.

 These amazing bracelets are fun and you can make them very personal- which we love. check out some of Michelle’s favorite Keep Collectives above.

Get more info HERE


Scent Pop Candles

Melissa Brown isn’t just one of our favorite authors but she also makes the most AMAZING CANDLES inspired by pop culture. There are so many to choose from and so many we want to add to our candle collection. Michelle has “Under Jamie’s Kilt” and “We Were On a Break!!” She loves them both!


Get more info HERE


Cupcake’s Custom Vinyl

Niki Marie is another book friend with an awesome VINYL business. Michelle has quite a few mugs from Niki that have been sent to her as gifts and she LOVES THEM.


Check out her Etsy shop and keep in mind- she can custom make anything you want and put it on a mug!

Check out her ETSY shop HERE


Stella and Dot

*Felicia Kettler*

We are full on obsessed with STELLA AND DOT. They pretty much have all of Michelle’s money. And the only consultant she shops with is FELICIA KETTLER. She’s the best. Really.


Join her VIP group HERE and shop her product page HERE



Ok. We are obsessed with LULAROE (LLR) and you should be too. Some of you probably are. Michelle has a couple of favorite consultants, check them out below:

 NICOLE SZIBELl is amazing. There is no other word to describe her. She just has top notch customer service, has the best hostess rewards and is so easy to work with. Join her VIP group HERE

 TRISH WRZOSEK has become one of Michelle’s closest friends- all because of romance novels. She’s a newer consultant but has some great incentives, a great team and is building a great inventory! Join her VIP group HERE

 SCHEVA HURM is another book friend turned LLR consultant. If nothing else- you get to hear her sweet southern voice in live videos! She is adorable, has a great collection and is super responsive. Join her VIP group HERE

 JULIE PRESTATER is another author/small business owner combo. Julie is a LLR master. Her collection is amazing and she is too. Join her VIP group HERE

 AMY DARRAH OBERSON is a local to Michelle (DC area) consultant and she’s another consultant that is really easy to work with and has a great inventory. Join her VIP group HERE

 VALERIE VILLEGAS is another consultant local to Michelle. She did an in home pop up and it was AWESOME. She is super professional, fun and easy to work with. She knows her stuff and has a ton of inventory. Join her VIP group HERE



So we have to admit that we have not tried these products yet but we both have heard great things. We have three book friends selling this so we are going to share all of their groups!


HOLLY MALGIERI – Holly’s Hot Lips

 NICOLE SZIBEL – Nicole’s Lippi Lovers

 TERESA WRIGHT – Loving Your Lips


Oragami Owl

We love love love ORAGAMI OWL products. These guy specialize in customizable jewelry – where you can tell a story with what you are wearing. There are so many awesome products to choose from.


 Pepper’s buddy MELISSA CHRISTENSEN is our favorite Oragami Owl consultant. She is super chill, knows everything about the product and is the sweetest person you will ever meet. Join her VIP group HERE and shop her product page HERE


Younique Makeup


Younique makeup is amazing!! Pepper is obsessed with the Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick and the Touch Mineral Cream Foundation is unreal at covering EVERYTHING up!! Pepper’s work bestie, ALISON JACOBSEN, is the ultimate Younique consultant!! She knows her stuff and is super passionate about the Younique brand. Join her VIP group HERE and shop her product page HERE



Miss Plunkett Boutique


If you have a little girl then you need MISS PLUNKETT in your life. Pepper’s SIL, ALISHA SHAW, is part owner of this business and they seriously have the cutest things! It’s all interchangeable accessories, so you can mix and match for days.

Turn all of this:

Into this:

Shop the biz HERE and check out their FB page HERE


Here are a few businesses we don’t know personally but we like who they are and what they are about so check them out!

Homemade soap – from goats!

Spices made by a company that just seems like it’s run by awesome people.


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