RED: A LOVE STORY by Nicole Collet: Book Review

Two lovers. One fate. One twist.

It will all hang on the roll of a die.

Marco is a seductive literature teacher embracing a life of unconventional pleasures to escape his past. His student Marisa hides behind a cheerful façade while struggling with the loss of her father and the estrangement of her mother.

Their mutual fondness of literature brings Marco and Marisa closer, and the two find in each other a soulmate. When their secret relationship comes to light, they are torn apart.

An unexpected encounter amidst mayhem brings them together again — two changed beings sharing unchanged feelings for each other.

To be reunited, however, Marco and Marisa must take a risk that can jeopardize their love forever.

RED is a tale of forbidden love that has received over two million hits on Wattpad. It was endorsed by journalist Debra Picket, a former columnist of The Chicago Sun-Times and contributor to CNN, as “an intriguing first novel – a thinking woman’s 50 Shades of Grey.” Set in Brazil and the US, RED is an unusual contemporary romance featuring references to philosophy, psychology, music and literature. If you enjoy the works of Sylvain Reynard, you’ll love RED.

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OK. Lovers. If you are looking for something totally unique, you need this book in your life. Nicole Collet has this crazy different literary writing that is unlike anything you are reading right now.
And it’s beautiful.
And smart as hell.
My review will not do it justice.

First – I just need you all to understand how much I have fallen for this author. Her banner to her website is of my all time favorite painting:

It’s almost too much for me to handle sometimes…

Here at ARR, we are obsessed with teacher-student story lines. And this book is now on the top of my list. The story spans quite a bit of time, two countries, and one heartbreaking, maddening, and completely gorgeous love story.

The BEST part about this book, is my favorite thing to talk about in regard to meeting and knowing who you meet and know – and that’s FATE. The right people, the wrong time. The wrong people, the right time. Life circumstances, other people’s choices, how does it all really work? This subject is an endless set of goosebumps for me and I devoured how NiCol approached it. So god damn good.

I don’t want to get into the storyline. As I never really do because I think you need to read the book. I will say that this book ends on a sick (good for me, maybe bad for you) cliffhanger that will leave you like:

Actually this book leaves you feeling every hugging emotion that ever emotioned ever. Especially this:

and so much of this:

and the whole time I’m yelling at Marisa and Marco like:

So much REAL life in this story.

Like I said, this review will not do this book justice because I’m just gushing. It’s really so good and I’m DYING for book #2.

THANK YOU Nicole Collet for providing us with an ARC!!


Nicole Collet is a Brazilian-born writer and translator with degrees in journalism and cultural management. She has edited and translated works from authors as diverse as Ken Follet, Nora Roberts and Machiavelli. Nicole’s writing explores why people fall in love and what it takes for them to stay in love. Her plots invite readers to think outside the box, merging story with psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, music, and literature.



  1. WOW! I. Am. Speechless.

    I would leave it at because I’m still speechless, but since this is a place for commenting… Thank you so much for taking the time to read RED and writing such a heartfelt review, Pepper! It really touched my heart to learn that my novel spoke to you :)

    Lots of love,


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