OMG! It’s the best, most holiest day of the year. 35 years ago today, the most beautiful man with the most perfect pecs and the most fashionable fashion and the most adorable PETA loving heart, was born. Please take a moment to thank the Gods and Goddesses and Jesus and the Universe for this man. Without him, Pepper and Michelle may have never met. Thank you David James Gandy for being born. And for making Pepper and Michelle love you so hard that they formed a friendship that will never die.

***GIVEAWAY info. Comment on this post telling us what celeb you and your bestie are obsessed with. And we will send you a $5 GC to Amazon/B&N. Bonus goes to pictures ;)***


  1. Donna Bayar Repsher says:

    Both me and my BFF are both obsessed with Christopher Meloni.

  2. Maria Malaveci says:

    I just told someone at work… “DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS???” and they were like “Um, no…..” I was like it’s Davids Birthday!!! Lol, they tease me about my crush on David! Happy Birthday to David! And, thank you for the giveaway!


  3. Jodie Larson says:

    Of course me and my bestie fawn, drool, obsess, lick and whatever else about Mr. David Gandy!! He’s just the most perfect specimen of male perfection that there is!!

  4. Traci Parker says:

    My friends and I are totally obsessed with David Gandy! GandyGasms everywhere!!!!
    Love him!

  5. oh my god! I think that is how I met and became so devoted to you, your love and pictures of David!! Thank you for that! haha
    My bestie and my blonde obsession is Chris Brown : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/210895195025647590/

  6. Only two men i have always been obsessed with…. David Gandy and Adam Lavine <3

  7. my bestie and I love Henry Cavill!!!!

  8. I’m obsessed with Stuart Reardon

  9. David Gandy is my fantasy all the time. I have hundreds of pics on my phone and ipad.
    I bought his underwear. I love this man he would be my baby daddy if possible.

  10. Why of course Mr. David James Gandy himself!

  11. This man truly does float my boat. He is the epitome of sexy. I also love Chris Hemsworth, his eyes, his smile and he’s a great family man.

  12. My bestie and I, well, this man is our mutual obsession! Truly incomparable to anyone else…

  13. Liam Hemsworth, Hugh jackman, Joe Manganiello :3

  14. Martha Baltazar says:

    This man is my ultimate, I mean ULTIMATE fantasy. He’ my Ethan Blackstone. Love, Love, Love him to bits.

  15. I am a huge Adam Levine fan myself!!!

  16. Jamie Dornan is who my Babes and I drool over! ;) <3

  17. Charlene E says:

    Matt Bomer! <3

  18. Rosemarie Duggan says:

    Obsessed with David James Gandy for sure..he is my Book Boyfriend as Professor Gabriel O. Emerson Gabriel’s Inferno Series By: Sylvain Reynard…just adore him!!!

  19. Joe Manganiello, David Gandy, and Matt Bomer

  20. Jenny Rapp says:

    Channing Tatum all the way. Ryan Gosling is just a hair behind.
    It won’t let me post a pic,

  21. Shannon Smith says:

    Oh….it is most definitely David Gandy!!! Oh My Stars!!!!

  22. Maria Theresa Santos says:

    Jamie Dornan

  23. Jennifer Dirling says:

    David Gandy definitely…. I’m pretty sure I’d leave my current man for MrGandy!! I could be perfection for him.

  24. Channing Tatum

  25. David Gandy is my favorite man in the whole world -he stars in all my books I read, and he actually is the man they use on several book series-he is so awesome, handsome and generous in his time and help to charities -all that wrapped up in his beautiful outward appearance–which is only enhanced by his inner beauty shining through!The perfect man!

  26. Crystal W Smith says:

    David Gandy of course! He reminds me of my husband….dark hair with the light eyes….yum

  27. My bestie and I love Ian Somerhalder. But after seeing these pictures I’m not sure anymore ha ha ha.

  28. Ann Marie Walker says:

    My bestie and I love David Gandy so much we co-authored an entire series with him as the inspiration for the main character!

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