Weekly Gandy

JULY 1, 2013

PEPPER: oh michelle. i am sorry i have been cheating. you are truly the only one for me. will you ever forgive me??

MICHELLE: I’m trying David. but how can I really compete with Samantha Barks? You broke my heart DG…


JULY 2, 2013

PEPPER: god that thigh. among other things…


JULY 3, 2013


JULY 4, 2013

…neither of us really had anything to say. because we cannot believe this is happening:


JULY 5, 2013

PEPPER: holy. god.

MICHELLE: He’s so tan and delicious.


JULY 6, 2013

PEPPER: why is this so effing HOT and sexy to me??

MICHELLE: Because its DG.


JULY 7, 2013


PEPPER: i honestly do not know how we are going to survive this entire thing. i’m scared. of possibly dying. from explosion. of parts. in my pants.


Weekly Gandy

JUNE 10, 2013


PEPPER: this is too much for me to even handle right now.


JUNE 11, 2013

PEPPER: UM, the sweaty kitchen scenes?? dead.

MICHELLE: I don’t even know how to process DG in a kitchen. In that suit. And with those arms. And can we talk about his perfect nips. I can’t. I just can’t.


JUNE 12, 2013

MICHELLE: are. you. fucking. kidding. me

PEPPER: i wonder if he gets that hot about eating other things…

MICHELLE: um duh. look at him. everything he does is hot/gets me hot/gets everyone hot.


JUNE 13, 2013

PEPPER: and then there’s that…



JUNE 14, 2013

MICHELLE: picture it…skinny dipping with David.

PEPPER: um. i am unhealthily obsessed with these pictures of him at the pool.


JUNE 15, 2013

PEPPER: man i wish i could caption what i really want to say here…

MICHELLE: I wanna cry


JUNE 16, 2013

PEPPER: oh. my. god. seriously??? eff me.

MICHELLE: Whaaaaaaaat???? Is this man real????

PEPPER: this is by far my most favorite (clothed) picture of him. i want to eat him. and the naked pic of him on the TV – so theres that too.

MICHELLE: It’s too much and yet everything I need all at once

Weekly Gandy

JUNE 3, 2013

MICHELLE: David Gandy and cute rescue puppies????? I can’t take it…..
PEPPER: i have a dog that needs rescuing. i should send in some pics…


JUNE 4, 2013

MICHELLE: omg i cant stop…i just….motherfucker…
PEPPER: you need to stop. right now. before i am dead



JUNE 5, 2013

PEPPER: oh holy lord. i need a caption. what is he saying??? GO!
MICHELLE: Words escape me. But can you just hear him saying “Michelle, my love, fancy a shag?” See- I’m practicing my Brit speak for our life together.


JUNE 6, 2013

PEPPER: prof emerson????
MICHELLE: I just can’t. This love is real. It hurts.


JUNE 7, 2013

MICHELLE: eff me now
PEPPER: OMG OMG OMG. one of the best EVER!!!


JUNE 8, 2013

PEPPER: seriously? can you imagine pretending not to know him if he did this to you???
MICHELLE: I…I….I just can’t Pep. I can’t with this.


JUNE 9, 2013

MICHELLE: Oh. Me. Gee.
PEPPER: i am obsessed with him in glasses. makes me tingle.